Détour(n) Choragram: Circuit-tour toward MemeMorial

Even without composing a full Obscenario, the peripheral route for thought and the choragraphic method for composing generate both the decision (attitude) and the materials for the eGent to propose a MEmorial. Chiefly, the approach sought to test and develop a capacity for the role of network witness; not as “eyewitness” of event (disaster), but vulnerable to mediated affects and ambient viscosity exposed (the exploit), responsive ethically. Most of the composition has described this endeavor and performed the method, while also undergoing the Test Site (network ethology) to a degree reasonable and feasible to articulate legibly. The short-term goal, performing Détour(n) Choragraphy in “productive fashion,” at least demonstrates the potential outcomes and alternative method (contrasting Belief and Argument modes), even while short of fully employing digital rhetoric (Electracy). In this way, the composition reaches a threshold unable to cross in this form into Political-Aesthetic Expression, highlighting regimes for visibility and utterance (dispositif, Literate Apparatus). Hopefully the vectors are discernable, if still yet oblique.

Partly for these reasons, the project postpones presenting a full MEmorial proposal (in-development), with all components from Electronic Monuments; additionally, in order to present the remaining materials connected by conduction. These elements both result from deterritorializing the witness-bystander role, possibly now transferable “online,” as well as inform the proposal for a MemeMorial and Peripheral employing ubiquitous computing and networked public space. The potential for kinÆsthetic and Network Flâneurs role emerges through digital conduction that links public sphere and personal mood of thought, still with the Target (critical-aesthetic rhetoric) in view.


Anna Munster, An Aesthesia of Networks (2013):

“This virtual relationality can be sensed only by feeling networking as a mosaic in the making; only by providing spaces for that relationality through a syn-aesthesia; and only by rethinking synthesis, especially of the senses, differentially.”
“assembling affect cross-modally. Digital Syn-aesthetics works as a relational machine of expression through cross-processing signal in contemporary audiovisual works, mixing these up with other machinic elements such as the neuro and the robotic.” (157, original emphasis)
    New Balance sneakers (touring the premises, routine; personal-material)
    • "Fantom Fit"
    • Why F-antom and not PH-antom?
    • Missing the PH of philosophy?
    • Web register: "F Theory" (Experiments in visceral philosophy")
    Social realm: 2014 ADIDAS advertisement
    • Slogan (title): “all in or nothing”
    • Fútbol players: athletes, competition, spectators, World Cup, Olympics
    • Title IX
      • College Sports: links athletics with sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence
      • slogan: “Know your IX”
    • adapted: “Know your I X” (Internet exchange point ?)
      • Ix (medical): “investigation”
      • IX: NYSE symbol for Orix Corporation
      • ORIX: nancial services group headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Osaka, Japan
      • IX (Chemistry): Ion Exchange (puri cation; softer water)
    Link to Pop Culture: ADIDAS ad features unreleased Kanye West song
    • Ad’s Slogan evokes Kanye West’s other song “All Day”
    • All Day - album by Girl Talk (mash-up artist, instructive relay)
    • “Girl Walk // All Day” dance video
      • gesture ? public dance - animated GIFs? (attitude)



  • “Streetlights” - “Flashing Lights” - “All of the Lights” - “Highlights” (Kanye)
  • “Blue Light” (Bloc Party):
    • “if that’s the way it is, then that’s the way it is” - motto ?
  • Bud Light
      • “The perfect beer for removing ‘No’ from your vocabulary for the night.”


Gesture? (style, emblematic, transposable)

  • Condition: flow of Internet scroll(ing), especially mobile apps
    • TODAY (Live)
    • Scroll & Swipe (mobile device)
  • Viscosity of the scroll/swipe?
    • No linger or residue (Lêthê)
  • Needed: saturation effect, immersed in Networked Public Sphere (ambient)
    • saltwater residue (elemental)
    • unlike Bromine (pool, water purification)
  • material links:
    • Bromine is flame retardant (impervious)
    • “Bromine vapor is used as the second step in sensitizing daguerreotype plates to be developed under mercury vapor. Bromine acts as an accelerator to the light sensitivity of the previously iodized plate.” (Imaging?)
    • “Bromides in the form of simple salts are still used as anticonvulsants in both veterinary and human medicine” (Bella)


Resonance (instructions)

  • invest in and think (with) sensory-affective concept, across spheres (thresholds)
  • Frequencies
  • While shiba pack is walking (touring), they attune to sounds - sights - smells imperceptible or unnoticed
  • Stopping at random spots, exploring periphery = unscripted, yet within protocols
  • They go up to everyone, open to vulnerability and exposure; most notably when walking around/through/past the college campus.
      • Goal: affective encounter, seeking to recreate the immediate and visceral response of students’ seeing and petting the shibes.

      • This moment, bystanding, brought into Choral Map.
      • How to apply in Network Public Sphere as function-role?
      • We are within and without the territory, Standers-By with capacity to witness and bear (Kuma) testimony told or affects ineffable.

      • Whether you see us or not, we are here with capacity for compassion.


Physiological Extensions

    • “Bromides in the form of simple salts are still used as anticonvulsants in both veterinary and human medicine”
    • Anticonvulsant = Bella’s blue pill (anti-epileptic), Keppra (UCB| 250)
    • “Nerve cells in the brain pass signals among themselves using both electrical current and chemicals. In a seizure, the brain's electricity is not passed in an organized way from one cell to the next, but spreads over a cluster of cells or the whole brain all at once. When only a portion of the brain is involved, the seizures are called partial seizures or focal seizures.
    • More famous blue pill:
    • Viagra (sildenafil) relaxes muscles found in the walls of blood vessels and increases blood flow to particular areas of the body.
      Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men.
      Another brand of sildenafil is Revatio, which is used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension and improve exercise capacity in men and women.”

    • "You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.
      You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."

      ―Morpheus to Neo, The Matrix
    • Bluepill (lêthê) = forget, carry-on as usual (standby mode)
    • Redpill = resets the aggregation/accretion with digital act of witnessing/testimonial ( ?)
    • Tyrian Purple “is a bromine-containing reddish-purple natural dye.”
      • “Recent research in organic electronics has shown that Tyrian purple is an ambipolar organic semiconductor. Transistors and circuits based on this material can be produced from sublimed thin-films of the dye. The good semiconducting properties of the dye originate from strong intermolecular hydrogen bonding that reinforces pi stacking necessary for transport.”
    • A large percentage of indigo dye produced today – several thousand tons each year – is synthetic.
    • It is the blue often associated with blue jeans.

Review (transitional)

Memorial: Official, Institutional; Collective Commemoration

  • Sexual Assault is disaster experience. Impossible Pub­lic Pol­icy Issue
  • Ineffable mediation (visibility-utterance) in networked public sphere
  • Instrumental Reason and Technoliteracy of documentation both inapt

MEmorial: Testimonial + Peripheral (Networked and Grounded) + Emblem (image + motto)

  • eGent undertakes attune­ment, mood of disaster (Obscenario); discover and think with the Sacrifice, in witness-testimony; pattern (map) writes the illegible intimation.
  • Monumentality as site for self-knowledge by individual and collective (link these realms)
  • Ora­cle func­tion (for consulting), personally and publicly. (social media?)

Update for and via Participatory Culture, proposed by Carter & Arroyo (2011):
“The MEMEmorial exists to be repurposed and continuously re-assembled, which creates a dynamic and participatory model within which serious issues can be both critiqued and performed” (297).


    MEMEmorial ?
    • Electrate avatar incorporates popular behavior as gesture (attitude, mood performed) for circulation and participation (MemeSphere)
    • “it is precisely the crossing over of media that gives MEMEmorials their cultural relevance and keeps their (counter)narrative possibilities alive.” (Carter & Arroyo 299)
    • The composition need not make sense as critique nor commentary; rather, identification of sensation/affect in readymade, deployed (duende, “liquid architecture”)
    • Preliminary popular form = animated GIF (kinesthetic body, dance/gesture, style/attitude)
    • To be determined: application for ubiquitous computing and pervasive network?
    • Relay: glitch aesthetic praxis (as exploit); Post-Internet art sites and social-media accounts
      • Model rhetorically (social), if not formally, relative to technological protocols

      • Hammer (2015) explains: “ ‘it would be more accurate to describe these methods as introducing noisy data to functional algorithms or applying these algorithms in unconventional ways’. Temkin argues that what has come to signify a glitch is the application of noise to logical systems, not an actual failure or malfunction within the system.” (v N.p.)



Peripheral Appiphany

“Part of the implication concerns the apparatus: that cinematography (the optical unconscious) is required to record the properties of the dromosphere (so far in excess of human faculties). The graphics of abstract art afford means to articulate as logic the forces manifested in the material break-up of accident.”  (Ulmer, “Quale Morphics” 151-2)
“ Pixel Pour 2.0 ” by Kello Goeller  2011

Pixel Pour 2.0” by Kello Goeller 2011


The goal for the MemeMorial and its locative peripheral function—adapting the instructions from Electronic Monuments for ambulatory media—partly seeks to make more participatory the role of network witness, in ways rhetorically and ethically. As my Choral Map and Obscenario revealed, the capacity to bear witness even to mediated encounters might indeed increase upon undertaking responsibility for ambient attention and vulnerability. Despite the general description here, modeling the praxis of Glitch Aesthetics (or exploit) accentuates the conditions medial and social (as protocols) that limit our functioning to receive or offer digital testimony, responsive to mediated affects. More specifically, the proposal becomes concrete when adapted to the community where installed: particular to a significant location locally (e.g. college campus proximity or other neighborhood zone of concern), but linked to collective experience by digital media employed in toured public space and online broadly.

The latter presents opportunity as the key Oracle function for consulting, most crucially in social media posts (and their quantitative dimensions or “Analytics,” seen in “Trending Topics” for instance). As one example, Yana Mazurkevich posted her photo series “It Happens” shortly after Brock Turner’s release in early September 2016; the Facebook post currently has close to 1000 comments, and more notably over 63,000 “shares” (with an additional 25,000+ shares from the photographer’s page). The “media platform” that featured the series, Current Solutions, offers a site for narrating personal experience: “We want to help you share your story in order to educate and connect with others about gender inequity, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault. We’ll provide the platform, you provide the voice.” Yet, besides appearing inactive and too easily “scrolled past,” the site serves as the type of mediated encounter to which we respond without engagement or vulnerability to be affected (Compassion Fatigue). Regardless, the Internet ecology of Web sites and Apps serves as an oceanic database of experience, whether visible or legible or quantified or otherwise: the function as participatory network witness might begin and/or become enhanced locally (Community) or “online” (Datastream, InfoFeed) and then transfer reciprocally.


    • Deploying the pervasive mediation networks for civic engagement:
    • Staging eversion effect, fire hydrants selected for their evocative location (Campus Neighborhood)
    • relay: "Pixel Pour 2.0” by Kello Goeller (2011)
    • Projecting live stream of Niagara Falls (illuminated, blue lights)
    • Glitched with interspersed profile images from social media & dating apps
    • Obscene variant (Obscenario): Dirty New Media (via PornHub reservoir)
    • at certain intervals (IX? ¼-⅕? for “1 in 4 or 1 in 5” statistic ambiguity?)

“[Dirty New Media’s] frequent attention to bodies—in the form of pornographic images, for example —highlights the situated ontology of human and nonhuman actors in new media spaces. That is, DNM highlights the materiality of both digita1 media and the human body: ‘DNM is an act of…liberating the object from thing-ness (resisting the modernist hyperdichotomization machine) and the subject from formlessness. The hybrid body-object emerges. DNM is simultaneous subjectivity + object-ness’.” (Hammer, “WR1T1NG (D1RT¥) NEW MED1∆” N.p.)
    • Decision to ‘share’ to social media, in form of photograph or “live stream” video, identified as network witnessing by captioning

    • provisional caption:
      “20 minutes of action, it’s ON NO it’s US”
      Alternatives: “What’s Happening? // It Happens.”

    • My initial idea for locating networked installation (fire hydrant):
    • Stop light for crosswalk separating Performing Arts High School and College Campus
    • However, more useful is extending via an App to all hydrants in proximity—
    • Voluntary, ambulatory; initiated by other eGents, who recognize other Network Witness
      Flâneurs are also nearby (or have been)
    • Cartogram: Blue “paint” from every activated hydrant in proximity (on app)

    • Material significance: pool BROmine, indigo dye (Denim Days), sneakers,paint used to examine sexual assault victims
    • Fluctuation: opacity and vibrance changes with the number of sexual assault incidents
    • [Algorithm monitors crime databases as well as legible documentation public or private]
      Network Witnesses can adjust, e.g. decrease/increase opacity, by their affective encounters
    • Glitch/exploit of Google Maps:
    • In any proximal bike lanes or paths for biking/walking, display the swim sign “Stay in Your Lane!”
      [alternative option: “Remember to forget”]
    • Evocation: place blue sneakers on college campuses and proximal neighborhood—especially at periphery and Z-axis lines of attraction-repulsion
    • “Document” with photos shared online, applying any readymade Image Macro text (popular and/or contemporary memes circulating)
      Caption this way and repost any documented images observed (posted by others)
    • Programmed Display Online
    • Cartogram → >Choropleth → ChorApleth
      Map continually updated by A.I. analyzing sentiments registered publicly and privately
    • Ambulatory Augmentation
    • App shows on-screen and as AR display (increased vibrance at stoplights)
      Blue paint “sticking” to my shoes, leaves footprints everywhere I walk
      Virtual Viscosity fluctuates by local Internet traffic (set radius preference)for streaming video, pornography, live video ‘chat’, dating apps
    • Default setting: as designed glitch, blue paint “smears” across mobile OS, residual between/across apps.
    • Increases by user frequency of opening the big blue F app
      Visible to others, affecting their screens via interaction (any mobile app)
      Incentive to invite contacts to app: proportionate to number of social invites activated is frequency of automated well-being reminders (random “pop-up”)
      Screen can be “cleared” by publicly sharing MemeMorial content (readymade or custom) —intimating recent network witness engagement (affective, compassionate)
    • Time/duration:
    • Individual screens reset at interval TBD: potentially, every 3 months
      All active zones reset: every 4 years (TBD: summer Olympics and/or Presidential election)
Himê  (sample well-being auto-reminder)


(sample well-being auto-reminder)