Editorial Note

A journal is like a house: our mission and masthead is a grand portico; our main page, a welcoming walkway; and the table of contents, a front door with fluted pillars and colored glass.  The preface—the editor's note—then is our entryway, a foyer leading to other rooms and apartments.  

I am but a humble (and clumsy) carpenter and, here, will not attempt any fancy-work beyond my means.  Instead of adding any unnecessary ornamentation, I will leave this page—what a word for such an issue!--without any of the added features some browsers may come to expect, so that you may view all other apartments, whose designers are much more experienced than me, and so that you may peer through this project and judge for yourselves how each compartment connects to the next.

Gentle reader, if you think this house is too plain, you may set your imagination to work and furnish it as you like.  This is but a metaphor after all, and, while our residence is still a new one, our framing has outlined an impressive structure underway.  Our roof is open to the skies above, a constellation of stars guiding us along these wee hours. 

I am pleased beyond words to watch this house expand and am grateful for all of the friends and neighbors who have visited and welcomed us into this new community of writers, scholars, and artists.  As always, a very special thanks to my friend and co-editor, Felix Burgos, for his assistance with this issue.

There is much news coming this year, so please stay tuned! 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Issue 4: From Digital to Print.

~K. A. Wisniewski

TE Issue 4 Poster.jpg